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I was one of the lucky people here to be in the first Cash in transit/Armed security guard courses for 2021.Aydin ensured that his teaching gets across very clear and sufficient for you to understand and has you 100% ready for exam. Aydin also made the gun range one the most exciting 2 days I have had. Taking through a wide range of drills and exercises to be ready for the job.The student employment services at TAT are also accommodating and assisted me with a interview with Armaguard as a P2P cash collector.100% I would do it all again if I could/had to and recommend to anyone wanting to start a new career here at Technical Advanced Training..

Kristerfer K

Technical Advanced Training even after several years in completion of training has once again managed to organise new employment opportunities. The dedication and commitment shown by the Client Liaison Officer to achieve this outcome was absolutely outstanding.Technical Advanced Training has been a great experience in completing education in the field of security operations. The true professionalism and experience displayed by management, instructors and staff has been overwhelming. Following the completion of education at Technical Advanced Training, as promised, they have followed through opening vast career options. I would truly recommend this organisation to everyone seeking to excel in new career pathways.


Had a enjoyable experience at TAT completing cert 2. Supportive, and flexible trainers and admin staff. Having ISS conduct an open forum delivering information on security positions, and information on requirements was great. Thank you very much. Was referred by a friend who also completed her qualifications to now working at the airport.

Samantha McClintock

TAT are professional in ethical and moral principles of right and wrong in terms of security, demonstrating a wealth of talent and experience one would require for a student-friendly support team.
2019 - 2020 I had completed training in Security Operations, Certificates II and III Armed Guard / CIT at this institute.
Certificate II: This was the introduction to security that had consisted of a lot of bookwork. Teachers, Orkun.A and Jason.B were helpful in all areas of information provided to involve beginners with an expert level of understanding and know-how.
Certificate III: This level was more technical, but a little less intense or relaxed. Rabih.E was a professional teacher of classroom ethics, experience in Leadership and Control Room, one would need for a business application of interest.
Orkun.A and Jason.B are elite in practice and practical training, which was useful in Baton and Handcuffs, and thus had demonstrated good experience in dealing with a combat situation.
Firearms: Aydin.T was a precision trainer in the classroom and in the field of safety and use of a Revolver and/or Semi-automatic weapon. He provided a student-friendly environment, so one could absorb, maintain, and learn what was necessary to qualify in the close book, and hands-on practical tests for the job.

BJ Hutton

Highly recommend because of the staff members who are super friendly and helpful. Most importantly, they help you to get a job, help in making a resume and prepare you for an interview which is highly appreciated. Really happy with the facilities they provide.

Vandna Zaildar

Professional institution with an exceptional learning environment. Had a great time here completing my Cert II, and now well equipped with the required skills and qualifications to work in the industry. Also was able to attend a presentation by the ISS regarding employment opportunities which was provided by TAT. Very helpful and provided me with the information needed to pursue a career as security in aviation.

Muzzammil Nainar

The very first day passing by the institute, I, by the way, had few minutes talk with Mr. Aydin TAT while standing at reception who made me feel like studying Security Operations as a core field. Subsequently, during CERT II, I met Mr. Orkun Ankara and Mr. Jason found them real professional Instructors and practical trainers in their field. Moving on with the increase in my interest I started Cert III Security Operations where I met Mr. Rabih Elsayah, a real gentleman having diversified qualities. No doubt, all the instructors and staff at TAT I observed having professional manners, in-depth knowledge and long time hands-on experience with Interpersonal skills and much more. In my view, TAT management has made a vigilant selection of real mentores matching the industry standards & requirements. Indeed TAT proved to be much more than what I imagined before.

Abdullah Madni Mahboob

Very professional & goes into the depth of each module. Highly recommended, all trainers are very supportive and have thorough knowledge about the subject. If you want to learn from industry-experienced trainers, TAT is the place.

Vineet Ambardar

I did my cert 2, 3 and currently doing cert 4 in security operations, risk management respectively. They're organized and has good reputation. Charlie as a Instructor of Cert 4 in Risk Management is an experienced person and I would recommend going at TAT for getting your security certifications.

Ali Reza Bangash

I had excellent experience with TAT. Super helpful and friendly staff. Trainers = very professional with years of real_life situation experience, super helpful. Courses are well organized and outlined. In general it is the best place to go for security training. I highly recommend.

Abraha Weldeyohannes

Technical Advanced Training is the best training college for Security industry. My experience with them is great. Trainers are fully professional and they are always ready to help the students even after the class time. College even helps the students to edit their resumes, make them job ready and even arranges the interviews with security companies. Some colleges are in the market just for earning money but Technical Advanced Training is in the market to earn repute by helping the students, in whatever way they can. Friendly staff from reception to trainers.

Tayyab Ejaz

I am currently doing Cert 3 with my boy Rabih. We encompassed over to a private function with ISS where they gave us insight into their work and an opportunity to work for them in the future. I found the info very informative and interesting! Will consider coming back in the future :)


I have done Cert 2 from TAT our Trainer JAMAL is very good and experienced he helps a lot . I feel happy to be a part of Jamal class. I recommend people to take course from TAT Broadmeadows.
Thanks to Jamal.

Gurvinder Walia

Lectures were great. Leaving this course with alot of knowledge but in our opinion there needs to be more physical self defense hours put into the course. As we will be out in the workforce and will need to use these skills to protect the safety of ourselves and patrons. I would highly recommend technical advanced training and shareholders within the business. We would like to thank Jamal for providing a safe learning space, while making it fun and having a a laugh with the whole class. Thank you greatly, Isabel and Bree.

Liz Garra

Extremely professional group, the course content was very accurate with real life situations and finished the course feeling very confident. Had the the pleasure of being taught by Aydin Tat who has a long history in the security industry and a long list of skill sets which our class had the pleasure of learning from. We had all walks of life and students with different learning abilities and I was humbled to see the amount of support each student received. Highly recommend. Thank you TAT!

O'Neil Youhana

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